Stamicarbon offers the following services: Consultancy, Maintenance and Training


Why consultancy? Maybe because of the demand for independence or a lack of time, resources or expertise. 


Why maintenance? Think about warranty and IT security issues, keep your plant up to date with the latest features and improvements.


Why Training? Get well-trained, reliable and efficient personnel (more reliable and confident operators).



Special knowledge about simulation.


When a problem occurs, it can affect the quality of your practice or training. Stamicarbon wants to ensure a good learning experience; therefore, a solution will be offered as soon as possible.

Once the problem appears, some information will be needed to identify its origin and find a more client-friendly solution. Stamicarbon's experienced professionals will be able to handle any problem in order to fix it efficiently.

Other Support

Further assistance, like guidance on how to build the scripts or how to drive the teaching sessions, is available, if you need help to optimize the use of the software or want to receive tips on how to improve the learning experience.


Software support

Stamicarbon, as a software developer and owner of its own software, is continuously improving the Protomation Suite, adding new features to keep it up to date with the newest DCS systems and exclusive features to improve the end user's experience. Moreover, newer software versions always support the latest OS version and make remote support easier. And last but not least, we continuously add security improvements.

Application maintenance

It’s common that after using the application for some time customers realize that additional equipment, graphic elements, control loops or extra functionality might be helpful. Application maintenance covers these changes or additional changes requested by the client. The maintenance contract can also include on-site training, remote desktop sessions, etc. Many different formulas can be applied to suit all your needs.


Our goal is not only to deliver high-fidelity simulators but also to provide customers with a new and highly efficient training experience. Using our vast knowledge in simulation and control of production processes, we can support our clients to train their operators using state-of-the-art techniques like e-learning and LMS systems.

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